BSU: Behavioral Science Unit

Scully: The answers are there, you just have to know where to look.
Mulder: That's why they put the 'I' in FBI.

from The Pilot

Welcome to the investigative arm of the X-Files division. The purpose of this archive is to showcase stories that feature a casefile or Mulder working as a profiler. This includes both pre-XF stories from Mulder's BSU days and XF time-line stories wherein Mulder and/or Scully are loaned out or assigned to a case. Slash and MSR, angst and humor, long and short, undercover or right out in the open, they're all included. If you find a story here that doesn't fit the theme, holler and I'll remove it. Conversely, if you know of a story that should be here but isn't, please let me know. A lot of these stories are really old so be aware the email addresses listed on them may not work. Also, some stories are part of a series and only the part with Profiler!Mulder or a casefile in it is housed here. Check out the headers before you start reading if you don't like to be left confused or hanging. Due to the number of closed sites and absent authors these days, no attempt was made to get permission to archive. If any author finds a fic here that they don't want to have included on the site, email me and we'll discuss it.

This site is based off the now-defunct Behavioral Science Unit site created by Elizabeth Gerber. While the same stories are archived here, the listings have been expanded and the appearance has changed. I extend my humble thanks and appreciation to Elizabeth for the hard work she put into the original collection. It was one of my favorite sites.


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