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"Let us consider that we are all insane.
It will explain us to each other; it will unriddle many riddles..."

Mark Twain


I Scream, You Scream by Jean Robinson 117K
A hot case and a cool reception marks Scully's return to work.

Piece of Mine II: If All You Have To Do Today... by Iaman A. Lien 18K
We pick up after Scully is transferred, so it has been two years.
Sequel to Piece of Mine

Immersion by K. Leigh 119K
During a murder investigation in Texas, Mulder is offered the Truth he has sought.

Impulse by aka"Jake" 91K
Mulder and Scully go undercover to find out who -- or what -- is killing the clients of Allegheny Mountain Adventure Tours, a West Virginia company offering an extraordinary vacation experience for the serious sensation seeker. "That's a lot more chills than thrills, Scully."

Impulse by Suzanne Schramm 93K
Mulder and Scully investigate some stange doings in a little town where people seem to have no control over their actions.

In a Darkened Room by X-Phylia 81K
Devastated after trying to profile a serial killer with a close-to-home MO, Mulder breaks down and tells Scully his darkest secret.

In a Flash by TCS1121 110K
In a flash, life changes.
Prequel to Flashing Lights

In Service Training by Joann Humby 33K
Mulder doesn't take well to training.

In the Darkness Comes a Light by Vickie Moseley 81K
Mulder keeps everything bottled up inside him a little too long and Scully has to give him the faith he's lacking.

In the Name of the Father by Skinfull K
Mulder was kidnapped and is missing for 4 weeks until he is picked up on the side of the road by an ambulance that received an anonymous call as to his whereabouts...this is where we begin!
Sequel to Pleasure in Pain

In the Shadows of the Moon by Joyce 458K
Mulder and Scully investigate a series of brutal murders in the hills of Eastern Tennessee and find more than either of them bargained for.

The Inferno series by Pellinor
Inferno 534K
Mulder gets drawn into a web of guilt and revenge that could rob him of his sanity, even his life. Both Scully and Mulder *think* they know what they are dealing with, but the truth is something neither of them have ever expected.
Inferno II: Purgatorio 315K
Mulder and Scully's emotional states are affected by the events in "Inferno."
Inferno III: Paradiso 275K
While Scully attempts to undo the damage wrought by recent events, Mulder gets drawn into a web of intrigue that could lead him to the truth, but could just as easily destroy him.

Ingenue by Punk Maneuverability 133K
It's late November of 1995 and in the midst of the infamous Rift; Mulder and Scully investigate the circumstances surrounding a fifteen-year-old girl's multiple disappearances.

Iniquity by Vickie Moseley 203K
While still working on Domestic Terrorism, Scully takes a vacation and Mulder finds himself doing a profile.

Injuries to the Spirit by MystPhile 290K
Scully is captured by a psychopath; Mulder investigates.

Innocents Lost by spookycc & Fox's Vixen 78K
Mulder's profiling skills are requested to help the FBI catch a serial killer.

The Insight series by Joann Humby
Insight 43K
Suppose Scully arrived at the hospital two minutes later in Folie a Deux.
Insight 2: Dark Fire 48K
Mulder looks for a firestarter. Scully looks at the job that Mulder offered her.
Insight 3: Wake-Up Call 62K
Two years on, Scully has returned to the X-Files. Mulder is running the ISU. Alex Krycek is hired to find out why. Sometimes being the good guys isn't easy.
Insight 4: Shutdown 64K
A research lab is housing terrible secrets. Mulder has the key to the door.
Insight 5: Overload 57K
Trapped by a serial killer, Mulder's paying the price for his gift.
Insight 6: Past Tense 30K
Suppose Scully had arrived at the hospital two minutes later in Folie a Deux.

Insomniac by Humbuggie 208K
A case brings Mulder and Scully on the trail of a serial killer, out there looking for his next victim. When both FBI and the killer are looking for the same woman, a race against time begins to find her and bring her to safety. At the same time, Mulder suffers one of the worst fates possible: Insomnia.

The Insurance Policy by Joann Humby 209K
Mulder wakes up with no recollection of the last six weeks.

Into the Heart of Darkness by TBishop 151K
A serial killing becomes personal.

Inversus by LoneGunGuy 140K
"It seems very pretty," Alice said when she had finished it, "but it's rather hard to understand! Somehow it seems to fill my head with ideas -- only I don't know exactly what they are! However, somebody killed something: that's clear, at any rate -- "

Iolokus by MustangSally & Rivka T 198K
Painted across the barren and desolate reaches of Texas, the shadows of the Project put additional pressure on Scully and Mulder's already fragile relationship. After a hostage crisis raises more questions about the Project's breeding program, Scully begins her own investigation, leaving Mulder to choose between saving her and saving himself. Finally, the investigation leads to an inevitable tragedy and Mulder and Scully find that more questions have been asked than answered.

Iolokus III: Vix te Agnovi by MustangSally & Rivka T 346K
Without your family, what have you got? As Mulder attempts to deal with the mundane horrors of suburban life, his fragile security is threatened by the return of a less-than-savory relative. It's Father Knows Best meets Seven as the former X-Files partners reunite.

Irresistible II: The Evil Within by Joylynn Wing 537K
An evil from Scully's past comes back to exact its price.

Itch by J. Millington 85K
Mulder does a favor for a friend and finds the X-files team embroiled in the aftermath of an old case and a new one.

It's a Dog's Life by Kellie Matthews-Simmons & Julia Kosatka 211K
XF/Profiler crossover. Scully/other romance.


Jack by Exley_61 459K
At the age of innocence, a child witnessed the brutal murder of his mother at the hands of a monster. Ten years later, can Mulder and Scully prevent such brutality from happening again, risking more than their lives, but their hearts as well.

Joined at the Soul by Diana Williams 98K
There are a series of child murders in northwest Texas, and VCU's Agent Mulder has been called in to assist SAC Skinner's agents in locating the killer. SLASH

Just Me and You by Jo-Ann Lassiter 38K
When another agent keeps hitting on Scully, Mulder and Scully decide to take advantage of his inability to take "No" for an answer.

Justified Means by Susanne Barringer 163K
A major Scully ditch leaves Mulder reeling and allows the agents a glimpse of the answers they've been seeking.


Kevin by Justin Glasser 123K
Sometimes you have to come full circle to find the truth. Post-Revelations

Kinesthia by Spookey247 230K (External link)
As members of a domestic terrorism task force, Mulder and Scully investigate a series of bombings linked to a traveling carnival show.

Knowing by Kipler 66K
"Scully... Isn't a run of sixteen suicides among the newly transferred employees of a single corporation weird enough for you?"

Kyrie Eleison by Xenith 450K
Mulder faces death at the hands of a serial torturer-murderer because of a mistake he made years ago as a young profiler.

Krypton Killer by Donnilee 58K
Mulder and Scully's wedding plans are postponed when they are called in on a baffling serial killer case.


La Verite Nous Sauvera by Jacquie LaVa & Tess 270K
Three women are the victims of black magick and Scully may be next. This time the truth really will save her, because even the smallest white lie could end her life. Now she and Mulder race to unravel the mystery and break the spell before it's too late.

Lacrimae Mundi by Brandon Ray 333K
After losing his mother and finally learning Samantha's fate, Mulder has been set adrift, and is unsure of how to proceed with his life. Will investigating a series of brutal murders help him find a new focus? And will Scully's caring and concern be enough to hold him together while he tries?

Lammtarra by Joann Humby, Luvmulder, and Reufrex 480K
Mulder spirals down into darkness when he begins to believe that an old ISU friend of his, who had apparently committed suicide, was really murdered by a dastardly elusive killer.

Laws of Motion by Syntax6 422K
Scully barely has time to unpack before a ghost from the past sends her and Mulder down a murderous rabbit hole.
Sequel to Universal Invariants

Lectures, Lunches, Dinners, Dances and Bullets - Progression of a Romance by Sara B. 28K
Dana Scully works at Quantico, Fox Mulder is the star profiler and Reggie Purdue thinks they need to be introduced.

Legend of the Perfect Union by JRF Patton 188K
A horrific investigation leads to unprofessional conduct charges against Scully and Mulder. Their defense forces them to them apart. When they decide to listen to each other, a rather explosive situation develops at a church with a unique history.

Legerdemain by afg 4K
None provided.

Lesser Evils by Hannah Mason 241K
Mulder thought that no one could ever want Scully as much as he did. He was dead wrong.

Let Fire Cleanse What Rain Cannot by Daydreamer 33K
When Mulder journeys deeply into a killer's mind, Scully and Skinner are there to bring him back. But not even the rains of a violent storm are enough to wash away the damage that's been done.

Letters by Suzanne Bickerstaffe & Melody 105K
A killer is stalking FBI agents, striking down those whom he feels are unworthy, and sending letters explaining his mission to A.D. Walter Skinner. When the next ingenious murder takes place right in the J. Edgar Hoover Building, Skinner feels Mulder may be the next target, and sends him and his partner to a safe house to profile the killer. But the violence escalates, affecting all of them, and only Mulder, Scully and an old acquaintance can bring the killings to an end.

Letting Go by Joann Humby 88K
X-Files/Dirty Harry Crossover

A Life Unknown by Philiater 55K
A man discovered inside a formerly sealed, abandoned orphanage starts a trail that Mulder and Scully can't avoid following.

The Life Cycles series by Susan Proto & Vickie Moseley
Life Cycles II: The Engagement 82K
The next step in Mulder and Scully's life cycle is met with some bumps in the road. Mulder must deal not only with the frustrations of working back in the ISU, but he must also deal with the possible loss of his adopted mother and her daughter's less than supportive attitude.
Life Cycles VI: Grieving 100K
The honeymoon brings a surprise for the newlyweds, but as we all know, things rarely go smoothly for our heroes.
Life Cycles XII: Trading Lives 72K
An effort to put a little levity into a leisurely lunch puts the Scully family's health in jeopardy, leaving a very fragile Fox Mulder to hold down the fort for both his family and his coworkers', along with a very angry and frustrated Walter Skinner.
Life Cycles XVI: Holidays 290K
This one deals with the Mulder's attempts to have a normal Hanukkah, but, as always, serial killers have a way of disrupting the best laid plans.
NOTE: Named stories include casefiles or profiling. The link leads to the entire series on its own page.

Like a Turtle on Its Back by Jo-Ann Lassiter 142K
After several blows to his male ego, Mulder begins to question the equilibrium of his relationship--both professional and personal--with Scully.

Lincoln in the Snow by Lisdean Warner 131K
This piece takes place during the first season, early in Mulder and Scully's relationship.

Lisichka by Jean Robinson 125K
How I spent my summer vacation.

Lonely Nightmare by Justin Glasser 119K
After Scully comes back from Philadelphia and before she is diagnosed with cancer, she and Mulder go to Wisconsin to investigate the disappearance of several small town teenagers.

The Long and Winding Road by Barb 134K
Mulder and Scully are sent to head up a gruesome assignment. Completing the assignment is only the beginning of their nightmare.

Looks and Smiles by Jo-Ann Lassiter 70K
An ailing Skinner accompanies Mulder and Scully to Roanoake in pursuit of a killer the Assistant Director helped to put away fifteen years ago. Along the way, Skinner comes to realize his unique relationship with the X-Files team.

Lost Highway by XScout 10K
There is only one way out of this nightmare... together.

Lost Time by Kalynn 21K
Mulder recalls a recent case and how it relates to a case from years before.

Love, Honor, and Obeah by Martin Ross 36K
When The Practice's Alan Shore tries to prove the murder of a shaman was self-defense, he'll need some legal magic and an assist from Agents Mulder and Scully.

Love Letters by TCS1121 68K
Some things are supposed to happen.

Lucky Lizzy by Analise 211K
Maybe the monster in the closet isn't just a child's tale.

The Lure of the Fox by Caroline O'Callagahn 239K
Mulder and Scully pursue a serial killer who calls himself 'The Fox'.
Prequel to Armistice