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"A detective don't like to be told things - he likes to find them out."
from Simon Wheeler, Detective by Mark Twain


Tabula Rasa trilogy by dtg
Tabula Rasa 192K
Dreamcatcher 261K
"If a man is the sum of his experiences, then who will he be without them?"
NOTE: The third story is currently unfinished, but may be completed at some point in the future. For now, read at your own risk.

Tebori by Brandon D. Ray 334K
In the aftermath of the Gibson Praise case, the X-Files have been turned over to Spender and Fowley, and Mulder and Scully's relationship is close to its nadir. Scully is sent to Iowa to assist in tracking down a serial killer -- but she may have more at stake in the case than either she or Mulder realize.

Tempest by Missy Pennington 260K
Mulder and Scully survive a plane crash to find themselves injured and stranded in the Appalachian wilderness.

Tempo by Jess 40K
Mulder gives new meaning to the words "Type A personality."

Tenuous Connection by XScout 13K
All she can do is hope her words will keep him safe. Will it be enough?

Texas I--Dawn, Texas by Mariatex 59K
Mulder story. A resident of a small Texas town gets an up-close view of Mulder at work when a case that dates from his Investigative Support Unit days is reopened.

Texas II--Utopia, Texas by Mariatex 66K
Mulder's vacation is cut short by the mysterious death of a young genius.

Thank You, Drive Around by nevdull 16K
Scully isn't terribly happy with their new undercover assignment, but she's the only one small enough to fit.

Theory and Practice by Nascent 499K
Scully and Mulder investigate mysterious deaths at a biotechnology company and quickly find themselves at odds over a working hypothesis.

Therapist by Livia Balaban 210K
Mulder needs help with more than just a case.

Things Intangible by mimic117 29K
The public is wonderfully tolerant. It forgives everything except genius. Oscar Wilde

The Third Sacrifice by Gina Rain 58K
Mulder and Scully run into a little girl who claims to have been his daughter--in another lifetime.

This House is Burning series by Tesla
Book One: Blood on the Snow 82K
Book Two: A Thief's Diet 58K
Book Three: The Quiet Glades of Eden 70K
Mulder and Scully chase a serial killer. Again.

This Thing of Darkness by Tara Avery 303K
It was supposed to be a simple investigation of a serial killer... until the mind of the killer was made known. Mulder struggles against truths and lies in the mind of a murderer, while Scully fights against shadows and conspiracies for the sanity of her partner.

The Thirty-Sixth by Jess Mabe 97K
It's about faith, religion, and sainthood.

Through a Glass Darkly by Judith Baxter 302K
A grieving woman unleashes a terrifying force from beyond.

Through the Looking Glass by KMS 104K
Mulder and Reggie Perdue try to solve the mystery of who is killing children, and Mulder must interpret the visions he's receiving to save the next kidnapped child.

The Tiger Complex by LoneGunGuy 356K
"In the rain forest, death wears many faces. [Here] if one stares at an object for long enough, it will eventually metamorphose into something else. A patch of withered bark becomes a butterfly. The pile of leaves at one's feet is a fer-de-lance waiting to strike. Everything is hidden, camouflaged. Soon reality can no longer be trusted. One sees a tiger lurking in every pattern of shadows. Some call it paranoia. I call it the tiger complex."

Timber by nevdull 323K (External link)
The stars are projectors.

Times Square War by David Hearne 322K
Scully and Doggett investigate strange events in New York City. They get caught in a war between ancient mystics.

TineRua by Menagerie 416K
Phoebe Green is back and Scully isn't having it. Phoebe tries to enlist Mulder's help with a case and gets the agents engtangled in an international crime.

TLC by Andrea 107K
What do you do when it has always been easy for you?

To Have it All by Kel 115K
It's the early days of the Mulder/Scully romance, and they can't get enough. Not if they want to keep their jobs.

Too Close by Jennifer Lyon 192K
Someone close to Mulder is looking out for him, whether he wants it or not.

Transfers by L. C. Brown 245K
While dealing with a case in Bermuda, Mulder and Scully also have to figure out a way to keep her from being transferred when they get back.

Tremors and Aftershocks by Gerry Hill 107K
Scully and Mulder not only face a monster of a killer, but, even more horrible, must confront their own relationship.

Trial By Fire by Kate Rickman 64K (External link)
Unexplained fires bring Mulder and Scully to a national forest.

True Reflections by Obfusc8er 29K
Mulder struggles with the aftermath of profiling.

Trust by Donna 33K
Can he trust her when she wants to grow her own way?

Twilight by Shannon 219K
A serial killer is on the loose in Baltimore. Mulder and Scully are called in to assist the Homicide Squad in profiling and finding the killer before he strikes again.

Twisted by mimic117 268
During tornado season, an unusual number of people are being killed in spite of the warning system. But before they can find out *who* is causing the deaths, Mulder and Scully need to discover *how* these people are dying.


Umbra by Dawson Rambo 1.17MB
After being called in to investigate a strange series of military murders, Scully and Mulder uncover a deeper conspiracy that leads to the heart of the Consortium's ultimate plan.

Under the Rose by bugs 199K
The Christmas holidays are always so stressful. 1994 is even more so for Dana Scully, bringing painful memories, a perplexing Mulder, and vampires.

Ungrateful Spring by J. Millington 41K
Mulder and Scully find themselves involved a routine case but learn that complacency in the face of the ordinary is not a good thing.

Universal Invariants by Syntax6 464K
While I'm just as glad that Ethan got eliminated from the actual show (I don't think he would have added much on the screen) I thought it would be fun to play out the relationship here as Scully gets dragged deeper and deeper into the X-Files.
Prequel to Laws of Motion

Uninvited by Timmy 93K
After a narrow escape an injured Mulder finds an almost secure hiding place.

University by Jess 78K
Mulder and Scully go undercover at a University and come in contact with a whole lot of subliminal messages.

Unnatural Disaster by Michaela 559K
It's hard enough when your mistakes come back to haunt you. Harder still when you're a federal agent. Hardest yet when your partner's help is the first thing you need, but the last thing you want.

Untitled Random Case File #4664 by Jess 40K
Mulder and Scully set out to solve a case. The Author tags along. Literally.


Valleys of Lucidity by XRae 98K
Six months after their expirience in Dayton, Mulder and Scully's relationship is slowly, and silently, falling apart.
Sequel to Peaks of Insanity

Value and Honor by Forte 380K
When Mulder and Scully face past and present evils, "value" and "honor" are proven to be both nouns and verbs.

Vendetta by Morley 18K
Fox Mulder is a profiler for the FBI and Dana Scully is a teacher at Quantico. Mulder has just finished profiling and successfully capturing the notorious murderer, Michael Sterling. Mulder and Scully have been married for four years. They have one daughter, Eve. They are celebrating Eve's third birthday. Little do they know that Michael Sterling escaped the day after he was captured and is seeking revenge on Fox Mulder.

Vicious Aloysius by Allison J 141K
Scully and Mulder chase down a vengeful ghost in wintry Northern Montana.

Vital Fluids by LoneGunGuy 161K
None provided.


Waiting in Motion by mountainphile 200K
Dark secrets await Scully and Mulder when they pursue an x-file on a remote mountaintop.
Sequel to Miraculous Manifestation

Walk With Me by Rocketman 112K
This is very loosely based on a real rapist around the Memphis area, who was just caught in Chicago by the FBI.

Walking Through Fire by MissAnnThropic 30K
A case gets too close to Mulder's pyrophobia he's shaken.

Waltzing Down the Fair Weather Highway by phoenix99 80K
A raid on a serial killers hide out. Disaster strikes and Scully has to reveal something she has tried to forget. But Mulder seems to have his own secrets.

Wanted and Needed by Hawthorne Kessler 38
A recent proliferation of opportunities for Scully leaves Mulder desperate to prove his own worth as an agent.

The Watching Wall by amerella 34K
Cartography, he had said of her once.

What the Eyes Can't See by Dantzi Jean 180K
How can you fight something you canít see?

When Old Friends Meet by Jean Robinson 145K
Is it a homicide, an X-File, or something worse?

The Whipping Boy by Myriss 19K
Is it a homicide, an X-File, or something worse?

Wing and Prayer by Revely 147K
None provided.

Witness by Susan Proto 49K
Mulder takes the witness stand as seen through Scully's eyes.

The Woods by Amperage 51K
In the winter, rain drives the last of the leaves from their capricious hold on barren trees. The bright and the dark mingle under the shaking and the winds in the woods. Into this world children are sent as sacrifices to the dark Mistress of the land, and into this world Mulder and Scully must go to find the killer.

The Woods by DBKate 6K
A dark night through the forest.

World's Only Breathing Heart Donor by RedTyger 88K
Regret and guilt can be an overwhelming force and sometimes you would do ANYTHING to fix what's wrong. But how do you survive when the anything that must be done is the very thing that will tear you apart? In the wake of "Triangle" Mulder has withdrawn and desperately tries to find the strength to do what he knows must be done. Scully is left wondering exactly which personal hell Mulder's wandering through.

Wrapping Up Wolf Lake by Angela W 50K
Mulder and Scully, now married, investigate some weird happenings in a small town in the Pacific Northwest at the request of Seattle Police Lieutenant John Kanin. Crossover with TV show Wolf Lake.
Story #35 of the Married series. The whole series can be found on Angela's site. The password is avalanche.


The X-Files: Gothic by N. Y. Smith 170K
Mulder and Scully have been banished to Montana by Kersh. So why are they being recalled to Washington, DC?
Prequel to Doppler Effect


The Yearning by Piper Sargasso 35K
"Maybe he unleashed something that he couldn't control. Maybe he *thought* he was opening the door of perception, but then, unwittingly, he opened the gates of Hell."

Yee-Haw by Satina 78K
Mulder and Scully go undercover at a dude ranch to investigate some suspected cult involvement. Mulder sustains some injuries that only Scully can adequately treat.

Yin/Yang by Lee Ann Wagner 165K
Mulder is ordered to take a vacation and Scully works on a serial killer case.

You'll Be in My Heart by barb (alter ego) 227K
Mulder and Scully really want to talk. Their perfectly planned evening goes horribly awry.

Your Past is Showing by Jo-Ann Lassiter 97K
When Scully and Mulder travel to Newark, New Jersey to assist A.D. Skinner with a case, Mulder discovers that he and Skinner had previously been assigned to the same case there ten years earlier. While Mulder's recollection of the case is somewhat hazy, Skinner's is all too clear.
Prequel to Practice Makes Perfect


Zeitgeist by Adam Webb 79K
The search for a missing reporter yields secrets concerning a mysterious craft he was investigating-- secrets which the Men in Black, or a similar group, wish to keep Mulder from knowing.