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"We work in the dark. We do what we can to battle the evil that would otherwise destroy us.
But if a man's character is his fate, this fight is not a choice, but a calling. Yet sometimes the weight
of this burden causes us to falter, breaching the fragile fortress of our mind, allowing the monsters
without to turn within and we are left alone staring into the abyss. Into the laughing face of madness."

from Grotesque


Echo Mountain by Robin Starveling 27K
A puzzle involving a penny with Polk's profile and two missing thrillseekers brings Scully & Mulder to the Colorado Mtns.

ELS by Dawson Rambo 1259K
Mulder ditches Scully yet again, and she puts her foot down regarding his treatment of her. The events that occur have serious implications for the future of the X-Files Division, and their partnership.

Embers by Syntax6 237K
The small towns always hide the biggest secrets.

Empathy by Swikstr 140K
While on a research assignment in Chicago, Mulder and Scully stumble upon a mysterious individual who may possess a remarkable parapsychic ability. Their association with her leads to a few new discoveries and pathways into their existence.

Ensky by viXen 216K
Mulder and Scully investigate a string of mutilation cases in Northern Arizona while Scully deals with a mystery closer to home.

Etched by Sean Smith 368K
First place winner of 1995 Spooky Awards for Best Sci-Fi Story, Best Horror Story, Best Action-Adventure Story, and Most Carteresque Story. XF/Alien crossover.

Ever After by Jill Selby 137K
Past and present collide, unleashing a deadly threat only Scully can see.

Evidence of the Mind by XScout 22K
It was all that I had left, the only evidence of the mind that had once been part of the man I loved.

Ex Oriente Lux by Michael Aulfrey 118K
Mulder and Scully investigate the murders of several Catholic priests along the eastern Seaboard where the killer appears to be different in each case. They uncover a high-level, secret group within the church itself.

Exploring Something New by Donna 192K
Mulder and Scully meet in a different way, but she still can't help being pulled into his investigation.

Eye of the Beholder by Nascent 231K
Mulder and Scully are called in to help track a serial killer whose victims have a guilty past. But the killer draws their personal lives into a high-stakes game of vengeance, which poses a risky opportunity for them to learn more about the Syndicate.


The Face of Evil by dlynn 257K
The face of evil is sometimes closer than you think.

Face of Madness by Vickie Moseley 71K
This started out as a short vignette that follows the end of 'Grotesque'. ... I tried to stay more within the actual framework of the series.Therefore, Mulder is usually stable, he is not sleeping with Scullyand they still hadn't quite 'shook hands and made up.'

Facing November by Rachel Nobel 101K
"Paper Hearts" retold from an alternating first person point of view.

Fade to Midnight by TexxasRose 216K
Mulder/Scully married, EXTREME Muldertorture in this one, folks, so if you don't care for that, bail out now--I don't want to hear later that you thought it was too violent.

Faeries by The Pen and The Brain 121K
Mulder and Scully pursue a peculiar case in Cornwall and discover things within each other at the same time.

Failure to Die by Kel 145K
An undercover assignment lands Agent Jerry Luskin and his colleagues in a "cursed" hospital. Can Dr. Scully handle an emergency without calling for the paramedics? Just watch.

Faith by Suzanne Bickerstaffe 213K
While working on a case involving the firebombing of Black churches, Mulder and Scully share their innermost thoughts when locked in a life-or-death situation.
Sequel to Flights

Falter of the Steps by XScout 9K
A simple action can be a window into the soul. But is it what you want to see?

The Family G-Man by Neoxphile & FelineFemme 4MB combined (External link)
A double tragedy befalls Mulder the week before Christmas of 2003. What if Mulder could go back in time and change things, save the son one lost and give the other the family she wanted? Could it keep them safe?

Fantasies by Donna 40K
Go with the flow.

The Fate of Time by Kristy Anderson 227K
Kind of an "all things" paradigm for Mulder-what if he had taken a different road? How many things in life are fated and how many are just variables that can change? If you knew these possibilities, how would it change your current life?

Fear is Not the End of it by Humbuggie 85K
A year ago, Mulder arrested a serial killer who died since. Now his wife is found brutally murdered. Did the killer's ghost come back, or is there a more down-to-earth reason for the murder?

Fidelity by Suzanne Schramm 163K
A Scully ditch provides the opportunity to get some real answers in the quest for the truth.

The File by Humbuggie 254K
After the suicide of a respected senator, Mulder is contacted by Senator Matheson to investigate the case. The trail leads to a hidden file in the basement office and a list of names of people who are potential victims to a strange governmental experiment involving "The Project."

Filter by Tim Bentley 47K
Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate the murder of Jack Crawford, and find a connection to the X-Files that they never suspected. XF/Silence of the Lambs Crossover

Fine by XScout 290K
Scully suspects that there is something wrong, Mulder insists that he is fine. But is he really? Or is an enemy from the past resurfacing?
Prequel to Closer to Fine

The Fire Eaters by Anna Otto & Ashlea Ensro 245K (External link)
...and there will come a ghost whose broken heart will infect the hearts of others, whose madness will consume the lives of all around him, and no one will be safe from him... then, the inseparable partners will be cut apart, the traitor will betray once more, the long-lost woman with the mind of a child will be a prize in the tug of war, and the old man who thought his soul was gone will be proven wrong... but the rivers of blood will never be deep enough for the fire eaters.

First Blood series by Sarah Johnson 121K
How Mulder came to join the FBI and one of his first cases.
NOTE: Includes: First Blood I: The Hunter, First Blood II: The Chase, First Blood III: Final Kill

First Impressions by Joann Humby 44K
Mulder has not yet joined the FBI. Patterson calls him in to consult on a case involving telepathy.

First Stone I & II by Pellinor 163K
Three agents working on the same murder case have apparently committed suicide. While investigating, Mulder makes a painful discovery that puts him in real danger of becoming the fourth.

The First Truth by XScout 11K
It is that first realization of the truth that changes you forever.

Fish For Fallen Light by nevdull 119K (External link)
I started early, took my dog, and visited the sea.

Flashing Lights by TCS1121 124K
"Scully, I've seen enough to last a lifetime."
Sequel to In a Flash

Flesh and Blood by prufrock's love 81K (External link)
An assignment to profile a killer targeting underage girls in the porn industry takes a dark turn and tests the trust between still-new partners.

Flights by Suzanne Bickerstaffe 82K
On the trail of a serial killer with an odd penchant for souvenirs, Mulder helps Scully to deal with a shattering experience.
Prequel to Faith

Floaters by Madeleine Partous 139K
An X-File with character stuff, creepiness, and, I hope, humour.

Folly by Rivka T 395K
Scully gives Pendrell his chance.

Found by dtg 39K
Three little girls have been murdered and Mulder and Scully have three days to find the next victim before her time runs out.

Found by Wintersong 561K
In the midst of an explosively escalating serial arson case, Mulder and Scully must come to terms with the changes that six months in the wilderness have wrought in themselves and those around them.
Prequel to Alphas

The Fox and The Hound by Lycana 46K
Mulder and Scully are teamed with a pair of west coast agents to solve a series of kidnappings and murders.

Fox and the Howned by Karen Enriquez 52K
A psychotic serial killer from Mulder's past returns for vengeance on the team who sent him to an institution.

Foxtrot by Rev Anna 37K
Mulder and Scully are helping Tom Colton profile a serial killer with a taste for Sinatra.

Fragile by Ophelia 185K
Mulder and Scully are called in on a case described as an alien abduction, but Mulder suspects something both more commonplace and more sinister.

Freedom's Ring by Michelle Lellouche 14K
Another explanation for a mystery...

Frustration by Beduini 52K
He was going to have to go all the way back to the beginning.

Future Winnings 3: Snookered by Ecolea 100K
While Mulder slowly adapts to life aboard Voyager, he learns that the horrors of the past aren't just hard to forget, but equally painful to relive. Will 20th century skills be enough to solve a 24th century mystery?


Galaxies and Stars by RM 110K
"I observe and contemplate this child of love, made of the same stuff as galaxies and stars. And I know that the only meaning is love." --Madeline L'Engle, "Two-Part Invention" The Crosswicks Journal, Book Four

The Game by Humbuggie 396K
Mulder is contacted by his former boss at the VCS to help him in the profiling of a serial killer, that he arrested before. Eight years later, the man guides Mulder through a new series of murders, forcing the agent to deal with unresolved tension, past events, and the deaths of seven girls, dead ringers to his abducted sister.
Companion story to Sins of Our Children

The Garden District Murders by Heidi W. 334K
Mulder/Scully UST. Mulder and Scully attempt to solve a serial murder case in New Orleans. Whether they actually solve it or not is open to interpretation.
Prequel to Music City Blues

Gateway by Avril Brown 98K
In the forests of Oregon, Johnny tells stories by the light of a campfire. His audiences are subsequently found dead. Will Mulder and Scully survive when Johnny tells his tale to them?

Gazing Back by Tim Scott 52K
After an emotionally draining case, Mulder decides he's had it with the way their colleagues treat Scully and himself.

Gazzaniga by nevdull 112K (External link)
The mind is a terrible thing to split.

The Genesis of Revelation by H Lynn 260K
The truth is not what it seems to be....after finding evidence that leads to Dr. Scanlon, Mulder and Scully discover help is coming from an unlikely source. Meanwhile, a young woman dreams of a horrible possibility for the future--which directly affects Mulder and Scully.

Ghost of a Chance by Avalon & Marie Endres 152K
A phone call from his estranged wife forces Agent Doggett to face his demons, dragging Mulder and Scully along into the abyss.

Glass Hearts by David Hearne 114K
The first girl to be taken was named Alice. A crossover with Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman" comic book.

The Glimmering Girl by Tesla 96K
Mulder works a child abduction with Frank Black, while Scully is away for the weekend, but very much on Mulder's mind.

God and Monsters by Anonymous Bosch 6K
"You know it's not something I would normally assign to you, but the bodies are piling up and the investigation has stagnated."

God's Breath by Jintian 315K
A mysterious death brings Scully's faith and personal history to the fore.

Goin' South series by David Hearne
Goin' Down South 288K
Mulder and Scully go to a town called Final, Mississippi to investigate a crime that apparently did *not* happen.
Headin' Back South 337K
Off we go, returning to a backwater town called Final, Mississippi.
Gone to Florida 302K
When respectable people begin dancing to their deaths, Mulder and Scully step in to offer an explanation. They may get offered something even more interesting in return from one the detectives in charge.

The Grace series by XScout
Fallen From Grace 23K
Tracking a serial killer may be Mulder and Scully's downfall when the suspect has inside information.
Amazing Grace 5K
Scully cradles an injured man in her arms, her voice bringing him comfort, as he has always brought her.
In Good Graces 29K
A search begins for the missing agents, ending in an altercation that may prove deadly for them all.
Grace Note 28K
While recovering from his injury, Mulder runs into a few unnecessary problems.
Saving Grace 48K
Finally things seem like they're turning around for Mulder and Scully. Until someone unexpected shows up and wreaks havoc in their lives.

Grand Gestures by Revely 117K
Disappearing jocks, soaring temperatures and a sweaty Mulder and Scully. All of this and still safe for the underage!

Great Balls of Fire by Vickie Moseley 98K
Two words: ball lightning.

Greetings From Maine by aka"Jake" 67K
Why is Mulder up to his elbows in author Stephen King's underwear? Why is Scully trying to get to Daytona Beach? Our favorite agents travel to Maine in pursuit of a mythical Banshee only to find their biggest problem may be of their own making.

Grotesque Darkness by San 4K
Mulder comes to terms with the fact even the best on the job can descend into darkness, and wonders if he's strong enough to handle the job of profiler.

Gutless by Magdeleine 445K
Deaths in a small town, Uber-UST, and a parrot.

Gypsy by Rachel Howard 62K
While the agents are investigating a possible UFO sighting in Colorado, Mulder makes a decision about his priorities.


Haunted House by Analise 78K
In the Halloween spirit, a Halloween tale.

Haunted Moon by Stephanie Kaiser 165K
Mulder and Scully find themselves lost and in trouble one night under a haunted moon. But when it's all over and done, can they find love?

Heads Up by Allen Driskill 349K
An X-Files/Highlander crossover.

The Healer by Susan Proto 199K
Mulder comes across a tabloid article which describes a man with amazing skills as a 'psychic surgeon' and decides to meet him. A meeting that later has serious implications for Mulder's life.

Hearts and Bones by Michelle Kiefer 145K
In 2006, a child abduction/murder case hits very close to home for Mulder and Scully.

Hidden Things by Xenith 389K
Mulder and Scully's new romance is interrupted when Mulder is asked to profile a serial killer, with results that will change their relationship forever.

Highway 50 by dtg 48K
What exactly ran in front of their car, and how can they find out while staying safe?

History Lesson by Joann Humby 87K
A serial killer hunt first of all gets Mulder in trouble with memories of a past case but then gets Scully into worse trouble over her memories.

Homicidal Tendencies by Swikstr 1.01MB
What begins as a typical ritual murder case with supernatural overtones for Mulder and Scully in Baltimore becomes something else as the two are forced to interact with some of the unique personalities on Charm City’s murder squad. Ultimately, Scully’s developing connection with a Baltimore homicide detective has far-reaching consequences in the evolution of her relationship with Mulder.

Hot Wax by Gina Rain 163K
A serial killer is targeting Manhattan couples. When Mulder and Scully try to lure him into revealing himself, they stumble upon quite a few revelations of their own.

How Was I to Know by XScout 15K
We don't always realize the power we hold over others.

Human Affairs by spider 342K
Mulder's Oxford flat mate arrives unexpectedly with a compound mystery; modern dinosaur and human remains are found near a Loch in northern England.

Hunks by Donna 61K
They're undercover and growing closer.

The Hunt by Rhondda Lake 156K
Mulder and Scully investigate a series of strange murders involving a pack of feral dogs in the Arkansas Ozarks. They have to untangle a web of local intrigue and Celtic legend to find a murderer who may not be completely human before Mulder ends up as the next victim..

Hunt for the Werewolf by Donnilee 276K
An old college friend of Mulder's is in danger and while working the case, they are made to see how much they are missing and where they'll end up if they don't give in to their love for one another.